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An experienced and respected litigation attorney, he was cited in Los Angeles 2018 Leaders in the Law, “Los Angeles Verdicts,” as among the leading plaintiffs’ lawyers recovering the largest verdicts for their clients in 2017. He has represented both medium and large businesses, including well-known Fortune 500 companies, in matters ranging from business and commercial litigation, to insurance coverage disputes, to labor & employment law, product liability, and similar types of legal challenges common to national and regional business concerns. He is also highly-skilled in dealing with elected leaders and other officials in local, state, and federal government on behalf of both business and governmental clients, and is equally skilled at assisting clients in managing complex media and public relations issues. He served as deputy to a high-profile, prominent, senior member of Congress in the House of Representatives, where he engaged regularly with, and developed a deep understanding of, multiple federal departments and agencies as well as the inner workings of the Congress. His career has also included working with a prestigious Washington, D.C. strategic communications firm on matters involving international and domestic issues, developing an expertise in strategic communications, public relations, public affairs, and international relations involving government-to-government affairs, NGOs, and issue-related messaging on behalf of major clients. His unique background and combination of law, government, and media skills enables him to bring an equally unique, broad perspective to assisting clients in managing and overcoming complex legal and business problems. Intertwined through his entire career has been a commitment to his community, to bringing diverse groups and constituencies together, and, on a personal level, to a pro bono willingness to assist others with legal problems that might otherwise go unaddressed.