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Jeff is a seasoned, multinational business lawyer who has worked from both sides of the table on business and legal issues. He has counseled senior, global business leaders on a full range of strategic challenges, distilling complex ideas into straightforward, understandable, and executable concepts. That competence is especially valuable in markets with significant complexity and government oversight, like healthcare. Advocacy at the national level remains a major emphasis, working directly with federal and state representatives, organizations, technology companies, and public policy experts.

In the corporate world, Jeff led the North American division of a major, EU manufacturer of diagnostic medical devices. He was responsible for advocacy at the national and state levels, while also leading strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, product and market diversification, and competitive positioning in a regulated market. His international work extends to healthcare procurement with large private healthcare systems, national governments, and NGOs, including UNICEF.

Jeff has handled compliance with the diverse legal and regulatory environments of the EU, Canada, and the U.S., as well as with UN conventions. In the life sciences, his expertise includes compliance and organization liability for patient data. He has served as lead counsel on medical device regulation under FDA and Health Canada, including the increasingly critical topic of cybersecurity.

He has provided strategic guidance to companies throughout North America on a wide variety of commercial topics including complex commercial litigation, shareholder derivative lawsuits, and fiduciary and governance challenges.

Jeff serves on the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Roundtable on Obesity Solutions to inform global healthcare policy on metabolic disease. He is also Co-Chair of the National Academies’ BEOS IC which promotes business engagement in strategies for obesity prevention and treatment with a focus on the well-being of companies, workers, and their communities. Jeff leads the MedTech Coalition for Metabolic Health which leverages the combined impact of multinational medical technology companies to alleviate the impact of metabolic disease, and to unite and align key stakeholders and the larger community around policy and legislative efforts nationally.

Jeff is admitted to practice in all courts of the State of California, the United States District Courts, Central District, and the United States Court for International Trade.

Major sectors include:
Business strategy
International commerce and investment
Life sciences and healthcare
Green technology

Practice areas include:
Supervision and management of enterprise risk
Government partnership and advocacy
General business and corporate governance
Business litigation and contested hearings
Legal strategy as a competitive tool