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A preeminent member of the legal community, he is one of the most experienced and widely-respected trial lawyers in the nation, with most of his cases in California, generally, and in the Los Angeles area, more frequently.  Well-known to trial court judges as a skilled, patient, and fair mediator, his career has also included working under the formal Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation programs of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California, and of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.  A superior strategist in crafting litigation plans, both as plaintiff’s counsel and as defense counsel, his expertise and track record of success spans many high-profile and complex cases in areas ranging from environmental and Super Fund litigation, to major business and commercial disputes, to matters involving insurance coverage, employment practices, professional liability, construction claims, and major product liability cases.  He is also active in various community and legal organizations, he consults regularly with organizations, individuals, and other lawyers facing daunting legal and business challenges, and he is part of an influential network of prominent lawyers and others with deep ties in governmental and political circles both nationally and in California.